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Mobile Solutions and Managed Services

Get started on the right foot

Let MobileSurety establish your Apple Business Manager account that includes the Device Enrolment Program (DEP), Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and the Apple Push Notification Services (APNS). Our full-service offering eliminates the complexity of enabling your organization. MobileSurety provides best practice guidance, understands Apple program dependencies and delivers the AppleID’s, program accounts and certificates; ensuring you’re on the foundation of mobility success.

Plan for mobility success

Leverage MobileSurety to develop a mobile strategy designed to deliver efficiency and a measured ROI. Mobility strategy development avoids common pitfalls, improves asset utilization and increases visibility by implementing best practices proven to offer ease of management and lower costs. Whether your mobility program is designed to improve customer and field communication, standardize data collection and integration or instrument iOS devices for a specific use case MobileSurety can help.

Deploy devices with complete confidence

Take advantage of the power of Apple's Device Enrolment Program and MobileSurety's expertise to enable and deliver iPhone and iPad to your users. MobileSurety provides a zero touch deployment, however, should your program require special handling, we will prepare the devices to specification and ship directly to your end users. MobileSurety delivers a completely supported, secure and production ready iOS device professionally configured with expert support you can depend on.


Let us do the driving

MobileSurety's dedicated mobile administrators provide day to day management of your iOS devices. Our experienced team will manage your iPhone and iPad based on your mobile strategy and integrated with your newly established Apple Foundation enrolments. An extension of your team, MobileSurety keeps a constant watch, ready to respond to issues and act accordingly. Open communication and regular reporting keeps you connected to your mobile deployment Learn More


It's all about the apps

The MobileSurety team recognizes that mobility is much more than a well-crafted strategy. Return is realized through execution and achieving your business goals through mobile enablement. Whether your mobility goals are communications and collaboration driven or data-driven, requiring the collection of business information through paperless forms or instrumented iPhone and iPad, our experienced team of iOS specialist will help your organization realize your return on investment objectives.