Apple Foundations

Apple Foundations

The foundation of successful Mobile Deployments

Device Enrolment ProgramWith the Device Enrolment Program (DEP), large-scale deployments of iPhone and iPad are seamless. Automate mobile device management (MDM) enrolment for every device, so that when activated, they are immediately configured with account settings, apps, and access to corporate services over the air. "Zero Touch" deployment means no need for staging services or physical access to individual devices. 

The Device Enrolment Program is the easiest way to set up users on their iPhone and iPad. Corporately supervised devices provide the highest level of security, compliance, and control for your mobile devices, allowing policy-based restrictions and customized configurations. Administrators configure devices through a management solution, and users are guided through the activation process with the built-in Setup Assistant. Administrators can further streamline setup by specifying that certain steps may be skipped — for example, personal Apple ID, passcodes, or terms of service.

All over the air.

Volume Purchase Program

The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) makes it easy to buy any iOS or B2B custom  App in volume, then distribute it to anybody in your company. Apps are corporately owned and can be reassigned to new users, protecting your investment. Purchase world-class Apps and equip your entire workforce with innovation.

Volume Purchase Program Credits (VPP Credit) - use a purchase order to buy and redeem on the VPP store. VPP Credits are delivered electronically to account administrators. Purchase VPP Credits through your Apple purchasing account or your preferred Apple Authorized Reseller. Use your mobile device management (MDM) solution to assign apps to individual users or groups — giving you complete ownership and control over your content and costs.

Apple Push Notification

Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) is a platform notification service created by Apple that enables third-party application developers to send notification data to applications installed on Apple devices. Intended to preserve battery life, management of iOS devices takes place via a connection from the MDM Server to the Apple Push Notification Service. When the MDM Server wants to communicate with iOS Devices, a silent notification is sent to the device prompting it to check in with the Apple Push Notification Service.

The device communicates with the server to see if there are tasks pending and responds with the appropriate actions eliminating constant device polling. Tasks include updating policies, providing requested device or network information, or removing settings and data. The communication between the Deployment Server and Apple Push Notification Service is secured by your organization's unique certificate, installed on the MDM Server.

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