Mobile Strategy

Mobile Strategy

Plan for mobility success

Prepare to succeed - Leverage MobileSurety and develop a mobile strategy designed to deliver efficiency and a measured ROI. Mobility strategy development avoids common pitfalls, improves asset utilization and increases visibility by implementing best practices proven to offer lower costs and ease of management. Whether your mobility program is designed to improve field and customer communication, standardize and integrate data collection with your existing systems or instrument iPhone and iPads for a specific use case MobileSurety can help.

Program development Includes:

Discovery and data collection workshop. Define and document
  • Assets and applications
  • Procurement and expenses
  • Management and security infrastructure
  • Fragmentation and loss analysis
  • Profile conditions and structure review
  • Current Return on Investment
  • Milestone review
  • Field Enablement Scorecard   
  • Assets, OS and application standards and best practices
  • Volume Purchase Program
  • Device Enrollment Program
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Security Standards
  • Profile multiples and metrics
  • Enrollment and retirement workflow
  • Field enablement workflow and reporting
  • Support and service procedures
  • Statement of work and managed services agreement

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