Product Validation Day 


You can prepare for the meeting but not their reaction.


It’s a good story, A Founder’s Milestone, about MobileSurety’s inception, the perceived opportunity and the logic behind our service offerings. Let’s be honest, everybody thinks theirs is the best-looking baby and friends and family will rarely challenge you.
Success is 90% preparation

Our Apple Foundations offering is a $995.00 engagement where MobileSurety collects the required data, enrolls your organization and documents the details of your Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP), Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Push Notification Service (APNS). This is how you centrally manage and streamline deployment of your Apple devices.

We live in this world, it is so obvious to us, but is it clear to others? Well, all indications suggest that it is, albeit within our community of technology partners, resellers and field enablement application developers.

Without the proper foundation you delay your time to value, introduce application investment losses, increase deployment costs and surrender the benefits of common compliance, security and data privacy policy.

As we travel and evangelize, it has become clear that our clients, prospects and partners all benefit once this administrative exercise is complete.

There is no substitution for experience.

So why not just get it done? Turns out organizations resist investing in something they will only do once. MobileSurety’s enrolment process experience ensures an efficiency that saves money and time. Our partners recognize that failure to enroll is the most common inhibitor to rapid and successful deployment of their devices and applications.

There is no downside to exploiting the free corporate programs developed by Apple to enrich the corporately owned device experience.


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