Five Reasons to Outsource the Registration of your Apple Device Enrollment Programs

The Top 5 Reasons to Outsource the Registration

of your Apple Deployment Programs

Are you thinking about growing your competitive advantage by investing in mobile technology so you can take control of real-time communications between your office, field staff, and customers?

Having the ability to access client and job details, view staff locations and schedules, dispatch jobs, and generate quotes or invoices from any location are all great reasons to adopt a mobility solution for your team.

Or, maybe you have already decided to take advantage of Apple’s world-class mobile deployment workflow so you can deliver secure and reliable iOS devices to your team using a zero-touch MDM (mobile deployment management) platform.

Everything sounds great so far – but what you may not realize is that first, you will need to enroll into several Apple Deployment Programs, also known as ADP.

Apple Deployment Programs

Before we get to why you would want to outsource the task of registering in Apple’s deployment workflow programs, let’s clarify what they are.

Apple DEP - Device Enrolment Program provides a streamlined way to deploy organization-owned Apple devices.

Apple VPP - Volume Purchase Program makes it easy to purchase applications in volume.

APNS - The Apple Push Notification Service is an Apple platform that enables applications to send notification data to devices eliminating constant device polling and saving battery life.

Why outsource this task?

1. Invest your time strategically.

The enrollment process is just one part of your overall mobility deployment project. While this particular task only needs to be done once, it does require a best practice approach.

2. Accelerate your time to full production.

By outsourcing this component of your project you can save time by focusing on other critical deployment deliverables.

3. Save valuable IT resources.

Like most IT and project management teams, time is a scarce commodity. By offloading this work, it is easier to balance the overall project workload.

4. Let someone else handle the paperwork.

This process is clerical in nature and requires attention to detail. Do you really want to add more paperwork intensive tasks to your to-do list?

5. Mobility isn’t your core competency.

Partnering with a service provider with specialized iOS expertise frees you up to focus on your business.


If your mobility project needs acceleration; you will want to save time where ever you can. The easiest and safest solution is to outsource to a company with experience in the field of iOS mobility management.

Paul King is a co-founder and managing partner at MobileSurety and is passionate about helping companies improve their business processes by finding a better way – quickly.

To learn more on how to save time by outsourcing your Apple DEP registration - Please visit DEP Assistance

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